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Ahjamu Baruti:
In Pursuit of Justice

In 1987 while incarcerated in Jackson, Michigan, I was convicted of a murder I did not commit.  I was a member of the Melanic Islamic Palace of the Raising Sun (MIPRS) at the time of being convicted of this false murder case.  We, as an organization (Moors, Sunni Muslims, Nation of Islam, etc...) here in these concentration camps, were a target by the prison administration.  Eventually the MDOC would be successful in the dismantling of the Melanics through their counterinsurgency; by labeling them a “SECURITY THREAT GROUP”.  Many of the founder were kidnapped and are held in exile in federal prisons, while regular members who refuse to sign-off as a member of the MIPRS are being held in maximum security prisons.


The Melanics were founded here in prison in the early 1980’s, and it was not just a religious organization but also a Black Nationalist organization.  We acknowledged Nat Turner as our Prophet.  With this being said, I hope you can begin to overstand how and why the Melanics became a threat.  Just like the Panthers, we had to go.


During my trial, the prosecutor falsely asserted in his opening statements, and throughout the trial, that the entire MIPRS had conspired to commit the alleged murder, although no testimony or evidence of this appeared at trial.  The prosecution’s total theory amounted to – “he is guilty because he belongs to this Black religious group!” And during closing statements, he pointed and stated to the jury that I had a Koran on the table where you would expect I would have a Bible. 


The trial was riddled with errors; defense counsel admitted to being un-prepared at preliminary examination and trail; appellate counsel presented incorrect statements to the court on absence of defense eyewitnesses; prosecution did not produce crucial eyewitnesses and evidence, proving my innocence; and prison officials failed to turn over bloodstained clothing belonging to another prisoner found immediately after the alleged murder but weren’t attempted to be thrown away until days later, thus eliminating the chance to analyze the bloodstains and exonerate me. 


I learned after the trial that the prosecution’s sole eyewitness had been caught smuggling drugs into the prison and pointed at me to cut a deal for himself and his girlfriend; the same witness gave statement to the police several months after the alleged murder which were common knowledge form newspaper articles; told police that he was in his cell when the alleged murder occurred; making it impossible for him to have witnessed it as he testified; did not testify at trail so his pre-exam statements were read to the jury; recanted his testimony immediately after trial; and stated the prosecution told him the date of the alleged murder.  Each defense and prosecution eyewitness, including the pathologist and correctional officers.  Sounds unbelievable – but true!


With the full support of my family, I am in a dog fight to reverse this false conviction.  My oldest son (who I souljah’d with on two different prison yards), my father and my brother leading the way in my pursuit of justice, but we are without financial means to pursue justice in my case.  I am trying to raise funds for professional representation and a private investigator.  I have served the time of my original case, which means once this false case is removed, I will immediately be eligible for parole.  If you are interested in learning more about my case assisting me and my family in any way to secure justice, please feel free to call 313. 445.3614 or you can write me.  I would love to here from you.


Ahjamu Baruti

s/n Richard Carter #178539

Saginaw Correctional Facility

9625 Pierce Road

Freeland, MI 48623

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