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Helping Our Prisoners Elevate

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Malcolm as Model


On May 19, 1925, a child was born and named Malcolm Little. While he was raised in a society bent on racial oppression, he had never got involved in the struggle for a better condition. In fact, as a teen, he began to run the streets as a petty hustler, soon to become known as Detroit Red. He had robbed, stolen, sold and used drugs, among other things detestable to the community.


Eventually, Detroit Red was caught committing a crime and sent to prison. Even there, he refused to look at his reality and decide to change. He used to debate with people who sought religion and higher knowledge.


In prison, Detroit Red began to be known as Satan as a result of his antagonistic manner. In time, Satan received a letter from outside the prison. The letter was from his brother and it was an encouragement to change his life. Satan’s brother introduced him to new information and encouraged the reading of books. As time passed, Satan would eventually indulge voraciously in the library, so much so that he had to start wearing eyeglasses.


By the time he had served seven years and returned to the community Satan was known as Malcolm X. He was a new man with a new commitment to life and the liberation of his people.


This is a true story, one that doesn’t have to be restricted to the possibilities of yesteryear. In the spirit and memory of Malcolm X, let’s all reach into the prisons of America and help prisoners elevate.

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